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Everything has to change sooner or later, and if you decided your kitchen is up for a facelift, we are your best choice for a kitchen renovation company in the Greater Toronto Area.
A kitchen does not have to be old or shabby to be outdated. If you’ve visited friends who live in a modern home with a modernized kitchen, you know what we mean. Not only the colors and other aesthetic elements will dazzle you, but also the ingenious layouts, clever use of space and even more impressive new electric and electronic equipment most modern kitchens proudly exhibit.


We have been doing kitchen remodeling in Toronto, Thornhill, Hamilton, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, Ajax & other municipalities across Southern Ontario for over a decade. Our reliable designers and excellent installers are responsible for hundreds if not thousands of dazzling kitchen renovation projects and can fit a design to any taste & budget, producing the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchens are not a project to be taken lightly. They are one of the most important parts of any home, and are usually packed with a complex network of appliances and storage spaces. If you want skill, reliability and expertise – at a more than reasonable price – you are in the exact right place.

A good kitchen should be pleasing to the eye, as well as highly functional and easy to use. The sink, fridge, oven and prep spaces should be positioned in such a way as to allow easy access to each, leaving enough room for another person and possibly a mini bar or dining area.


Unlike other things anyone can do around the house, given the right tools and some knowledge, kitchens are better done by professionals. It’s not only the combination of plumbing and electricity that makes it this way, although it is definitely a big reason. It’s not the cost alone either, although a professional will save you a lot on materials. He gets them at wholesale price, while you’d be buying everything at retail cost.

The real kicker, however, and the main reason why you definitely want to hire us for your kitchen remodeling job, is that we offer full digital planning of the entire project so you can see it before the work even began. And finally, we work with efficiency and speed.

Depending on the scale of the project, we can likely do it within two weeks time or not much more. We produce a solid plan and then get to busy work creating your sparkling new kitchen to enjoy and be proud of. Ask our happy clientele & they will tell you to look no further.



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Kitchen Renovation & Remodelling

Kitchen renovations are an important upgrade for any household, and with the technology available this day and age, they can truly produce miraculous results. Get your dream kitchen today.


We believe that kitchen cabinets should be made to your specific needs and the particular kitchen layout in order to make the space perfectly comfortable for your use.

Granite & Marble Countertops

Browse and choose from a wide variety of materials ranging from budget to luxury, all in one compact experience provided by your kitchen remodeling experts.

Sinks &

Kitchen sinks should be, above all else, reliable. With us, you can always count on exceptional quality of work and ideal durability in everything we install in your kitchen.

I was thoroughly impressed by kitchen renovation diverse set of expertise and level of professionalism. Rather than hire several contractors, I hired them to work on all my home related projects, which saved me time and money.

John, Markham, ON

When I needed to get my kitchen remodeled after years of leaving it unattended, the complete renovation was the perfect solution. It was obvious from the very beginning while they were assessing and giving solutions to our problem that they had the experience and qualified resources to get the job done. When the project was complete, we more than satisfied – they exceeded our expectations.

Andrea & Steven, Newmarket, ON

Not easy finding a qualified “one-stop” supplier for home renovations and repair. We were lucky to have found kitchen renovation professionals who expertly renovated kitchen of our home after which they helped us choose the right furnishings for it too!

Lorne, Toronto

Great valued-added services. We first hired them to renovate our basement. After doing a spectacular job with our basement, we hired them again to remodel our kitchen. The end result for all these projects convinced us that THEY were the company to reach for any and all of our home renovation projects in the future. I highly recommend them.

Sarah, Richmond Hill, ON